Clean energy with Chris Stern, Partner @ Innovobot

May 26, 2018

On this week’s show, we spoke with Chris Stern, Partner @ Innovobot Chris is a serial entrepreneur with more than 15 years’ experience in Cleantech, Chris is a co-Founder and Principal at Innovobot, an Operating Private Equity firm. Based in Montreal with offices in New York, San Francisco, and Toronto, Innovobot focuses on human and financial capital investments in Cleantech, IIOT, Robotics and IT Security.

Chris currently serves as the CEO and co-Founder of Carbicrete, an Innovobot investment which has created a cement-free, carbon negative process of making pre-cast concrete using industrial waste by-products from the steel making industry.

In addition to Innovobot, Chris serves as an Advisor and Director to several Cleantech companies in the US and Canada, including EnergyGeeks, a North American residential solar provider, and New Energy Fund II, a fund which focuses on higher risk renewables.

On the show, we spoke about:

  • How he got in the clean energy space
  • How he sold his last company Pure Energies
  • The project he’s spending a lot on, Carbicrete
  • The future of electric transport
  • What areas his firm is looking to invest in

Chris is a pioneer in the clean tech space. If you are interested at all about clean energy, make sure to check it out.

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