Announcing the next evolution of AI | Actual Intelligence

March 31, 2019

The advent of artificial intelligence technologies has sparked a revolution in the making of computer programs. Recent developments have made predictions better, faster and cheaper. Improved algorithms, specialized hardware, extensive data and cloud services have all enabled an acceleration in the deployment of AI.

Many organizations have rightfully started to examine AI and are experiencing FOMO. These technologies are complex and require a deep understanding of software. What about those organizations that want to jump on the AI bandwagon but don’t know how to? This is where we come in.

By rebranding our firm to PNR.AI, we’re making our intentions clear. We are a leader in AI. It’s not only in our DNA, it’s in our frigging name. The question of how we can help our customers is almost irrelevant. People want AI, we deliver on that promise.

The next wave: Actual Intelligence

With Actual intelligence, we are leveraging the vastly underrated power of the human brain. The latest experimental supercomputers can run artificial neural networks with about 16 million neurons. This is the approximate size of a frog’s brain. The average human brain has about 100 BILLION neurons, and at PNR we have not one, but ten of those. When we came to this realisation, we immediately decided to use this incredible resource to the benefit of our customers. Every day we hear of all the new possibilities unlocked by artificial intelligence, now imagine what you could do with its creator: Actual Intelligence.

Why are we doing this?

The short answer is quite obvious. We’re capitalizing on a hugely important trend that most people don’t understand. The business rationale is to make more money of course. Our valuation goes up proportionally to the number of AI engineers we hire. We were considering also looking at cash flow and profits but an investor told us that these things are not important.

Our customers are clamoring for AI. They aren’t really particularly interested in doing the hard things first. For instance, building a data driven culture or moving to a more nimble cloud based infrastructure. They want a quick fix with AI, who can blame them?

Unlimited possibilities

We are now moving beyond big data, chatbots and digital transformation, we are entering the phase of Actual Intelligence. We hire only the best intelligences that exist. Our curated algorithms come in human form and help our customers solve their deepest strategic issues. Our Actual Intelligences can negotiate a merger, challenge a CEO on her corporate strategy and negotiate with our investment partners.

We’ve discovered that capitalizing on AI requires an understanding of strategy, finance and organizational design. This is why we’re so excited with our team of Actual Intelligence experts. The future of AI has never been brighter.

(just in case, this is an April Fool’s joke 🙂