Advancing Adtech with Deborah Kilpatrick & Hector Pantazopoulos, Co-Founders @ Source Knowledge

February 28, 2020

On this week’s show, we spoke with Hector Pantazopoulos, CRO & Cofounder @ SourceKnowledge and Deborah Kilpatrick, VP Marketing & Cofounder @ SourceKnowledge.

Deborah Kilpatrick is the co-founder and VP of Marketing at SourceKnowledge. SourceKnowledge helps e-commerce brands ignite sales by advertising their products on premium digital channels. The company uses proprietary algorithms and machine learning software to traffic campaigns, with the resulting data made transparent and available to its customers through online analytics and order ID reporting. Because of this data driven audience segmentation process, SourceKnowledge can target and constantly refine the most effective ad delivery for its customers.

Hector Pantazopoulos is the CRO & Cofounder @ SourceKnowledge. Hector has over ten years of experience in the online advertising and marketing industry in a business development role. He has deep expertise in video advertising, affiliate marketing, and online retail.

Founded in 2009, SourceKnowledge is headquartered in Montreal with offices in Toronto, Vancouver and Los Angeles and clients around the world. Deloitte ranked SourceKnowledge as one of the fastest growing companies in the North America Technology Fast 500 in 2014 and 2015.

On the show, we spoke about:

  • How they launched Source Knowledge and the drive behind it
  • The evolution of their business model
  • Importance of the open web
  • Moving to a cookie less world
  • Eschewing venture capital funding

I learned a ton from talking with Hector and Deborah. They shared some great insights into building a business and about the Adtech industry.

Let us know what you think. What types of guests would like to see on the show? What topics interest you the most? Send me your thoughts at nectar@thepnr.com

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