Accelerating and propelling startups with Richard Chenier, CEO @ Centech

April 13, 2022

On this week’s show, we spoke with Richard Chenier, CEO @ Centech

At the head of Centech, one of the most successful university incubators in the world according to UBI-Global, Richard occupies an important place in the Montreal and Canadian startup ecosystem. Dedicated to the development of high technologies through entrepreneurship, it is located at the crossroads of innovative start-ups with high growth potential from science and engineering. In addition, Richard collaborates with the Institut du leadership en gestion and offers his expertise in optimizing the contribution of teams. In the past, he also held positions related to organizational development where he trained and advised more than 10,000 managers in hundreds of organizations. He was also named among the 50 Quebecers who make the extraordinary in 2018 by Urbania magazine and in 2021 received the award for excellence in management – innovation component by the Réseau des Universités du Québec.

On the show, we spoke about: 

  • What makes a successful accelerator
  • The number one KPI for startups
  • Talent density and competition for entrepreneurs 
  • The importance of urgency 
  • Learning from successes as well as failures

Richard is modest yet has built one of the world’s most important startups accelerators. If you are interested in startups, don’t miss this episode.

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