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Top articles of the week | December 31

Profitable’ Washington Post adding more than five dozen journalists  Politico

You might have heard that newspapers have a business model problem. In a time, when most major newspapers are cutting back staff, the Washington Post is hiring. This article talks about how Jeff Bezos has turned the paper around.


Advertising’s Moral Struggle: Is online reach worth the hurt?    NY Times

Banner ads support a long tail of low quality websites. How can advertisers reach their audience but also solve the moral quandary of financing questionable websites?


How China Built ‘iPhone City’ With Billions in Perks for Apple’s Partner          NY Times

Good read on the Zhengzhou and Apple in China, basically the Chinese government provided tons of perks to Apple to create ‘iPhone City’.


The Sunk Cost Fallacy and the Future of Silicon Valley    The Information

A good wake up call from one of Silicon Valley’s most influential venture capitalists. Funding needs to start going to big real world problems.


What we learned in our second year         PNR Blog

My quick end of year analysis on our young company; what worked well, what didn’t and why I’m super excited for next year