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Top articles of the week | December 24

We would like to take the time to wish you happy holidays and a healthy 2017!

As we wrap up the year, there’s a lot to reflect about and plan for next year. We hope that you take some time to plan for your organization’s success next year.



What is Agile Innovation?    Bain & Company

Good infographic from Bain on agile innovation. We love the fact the section that refers to strategic planning as a place for agile innovation


Management theory is becoming a compendium of dead ideas             The Economist

Classic management theory needs reinvention. This Economist article does good job of outlining the reason for the change using good old fashioned economic trends


The Long-Term Jobs Killer Is Not China. It’s Automation.                        NY Times

This artificial intelligence craze is real and its impact on the workforce will be felt for decades to come. The New York Times highlights this is a much bigger threat/opportunity than China.


Mobile money practices in Zimbabwe        Stadio Radio Durans

What happens when mobile arrives in a place that never had connectivity? Evidence suggests an impact on the economy. If you have time, read the executive summary of this research report on mobile money in Zimbabwe.


Lunch with the FT: Susan Wojcicki, CEO of YouTube       Financial Times

Interesting interview with the head of YouTube, Susan Wojcicki. The scale of YouTube is massive and it’s only accelerating.