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Top articles of the week | December 10

Every week, we put together a list of our top 5 articles of the past week. Happy reading!


Race to a Trillion       Scott Galloway, L2 Intelligence

You might have seen Amazon’s amazing video this week. The always interesting Scott Galloway from L2 provides an interesting hypothesis on Amazon’s next move.


Print is dead. Long live print.           Columbia Journalism Review

Should newspapers have continued focusing on print only instead of going on the web? It’s an interesting contrarian view of an alternative strategic direction


Functional versus Unit Organizations         Steven Sinofsky, Medium

Ok this is a long article but worth the read. How organizations structure themselves is the core responsibility of the CEO. Read on to discover Steven’s interesting analysis of the topic


Alexa, Tell Me Where You’re Going Next    Steven Levy, Medium

If you haven’t heard of Amazon’s Alexa, you should check it. It’s a serious game changer in the IOT space. No wonder Google and Apple are frantically trying to copy. Amazon’s VP of the product talks about the future of machine learning and Alexa.


Episode 11: Jean-Nicolas Guillemette, General Manager @ Uber Montreal       PNR Podcast

On this week’s episode, we were thrilled to talk to the head of Uber Montreal, Jean-Nicolas. We spoke about Uber and the future of transportation