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Top articles of the week | April 2

Every week, we put together a list of our top 5 articles of the past week. Happy reading!


How Nasdaq aims to reshape the future of media trading by bringing Wall Street to Madison Avenue       The Drum

Last week, we shared an article about how machine learning will impact online media buying. This week Nasdaq announced a platform that will bring blockchain technology to the way media is traded. Programmatic advertising is already a sort of stock market so this move will only accelerate the shift.


Elon musk’s billion-dollar crusade to stop the A.I. apocalypse    Vanity Fair

You might have seen the news of Elon Musk launching yet another company, this one with the goal of connecting the human brain to computers. This long (and amazing) Vanity Fair article gives a rare glimpse inside Musk’s head and the perils of AI.


How the richest man in China is taking on Amazon       Fortune

Jack Ma is the man in China and has a built an empire that boggles the mind in its scale. This Fortune article gives a good overview of his company and Jack’s bold ambitions.


The death of advertising. And what it will rise from its ashes     Zander Nethercut, Medium

Traditional advertising is being eschewed in favor of digital forms of communication. This provocative Medium takes it a step further explaining how the advertising model is going to change dramatically.


Episode 22: JF Marcoux, Managing Partner @ WhiteStar Capital        PNR Podcast

The guest on this week’s show is JF Marcoux from WhiteStar. We had a great conversation about venture capital and the tech space.