The new known is the unknown.

In order to win today, you need to learn & adapt continuously. The challenge is that existing planning methodologies were designed in a previous century. Contemplating strategic orientation on a quarterly or annual basis is incongruent with this in today’s economy.

Speed is key

We created a new strategic planning methodology based on the widely known and recognized principles of agile.

Working together works best

The platform is built on Firebase, a real-time backend technology that enables live collaboration between users. We believe that the teams that collaborate on their strategy have the best chances of winning.

Learning how to learn

Our vision is to leverage exponential growth in areas like AI and natural language processing to provide an unfair advantage for our clients.

Platform roadmap

  • MVP launch in October 2016
  • API integration with external services (Slack, Zoho,etc.)
  • Preliminary semantic analysis
  • Preliminary AI / Semantic recommendations
  • Advanced AI interactions and preliminary machine learning insights
  • Much more to come...

Not your typical strategy firm

When we launched Point of No Return, we didn’t set out to replicate an old model. Our mission is to help companies across the world move faster and adapt to their market in an age where technology rules all. In order to achieve this goal, the next step in our evolution is to provide strategic planning software to every organization and disrupt the traditional consulting business model.

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