Looking for a Senior Engagement Manager | Technology Focused

Your first meeting monday morning is a 3-hour session to help a funded tech startup define their customer journey. Tuesday afternoon you are leading a due diligence project for a major investment fund who wants to invest 20M in a local retailer’s e-commerce venture.  If this sounds like the ideal way to start your week, we have a great opportunity for you.


Senior Engagement Manager – Technology Focused

In this role you will have the opportunity to partner with our clients and influence bold decisions on priority C-Suite issues. Also, you will be able to provide deep understanding of our clients’ industry landscape and business options in the context of global, economic, technological and social trends.


You will work hard. In return, our promise to you is this: you will learn & grow more within the first year with PNR than 5 years at one of the big consulting firms. Our promise to our clients is to provoke velocity. We called our firm Point of No Return and we live by that on a daily basis. Our team has an oversized impact because of our engagement at the executive level.


Working on a diverse set of client engagements, you will have the chance to:

  • Establish high level organization design and change management plan which will enable the execution of the business strategy;
  • Align organizational structure, culture, and leadership to the business vision to support organization-wide growth, optimization, or reinvention;
  • Provide critical insight on business & technology trends which will influence strategic decisions for our clients and their business;
  • Carry out solution delivery, participate in solution design processes and develop client relationships and capabilities to match these commitments;
  • Manage potential conflicts of interest as we work to grow our client’s teams as much as partnering with external vendors & agencies.



  • Passionate about the business side of technology;
  • Interest in strategy and M&A for high-technology companies;
  • Interest in digital transformation for traditional industries (retail, manufacturing);
  • Analytical and quantitative problem-solving skills;
  • Ability to work collaboratively in a team environment;
  • Ability to work effectively with people at all levels in an organization;
  • Ability to communicate complex ideas effectively, both verbally and in writing, in English and in French.


About The PNR

We are a different kind of management consulting firm, one focused on technology and execution. Our goal is simple; make strategy actionable, accountable and measurable.

To help organizations achieve this objective, we work hand in hand with executives to create agile organizations that can adjust and continuously learn in an ever changing world. Creating an adaptable organization that responds to the market in real time is the defining trait of successful organizations in this century.

If you’re interested, please reach out to