Digitizing the real world with Paul Kruszewski, CEO & Founder @ Wrnch

On this week’s show, we spoke with Paul Kruszewski, CEO & Founder @ Wrnch. Paul Kruszewski is a Canadian AI technologist and serial entrepreneur known for his work in artificial intelligence and computer graphics. He is the founder and CEO of wrnch, an AI and computer vision software engineering company based in Montreal, Quebec. He has founded three AI startups, including wrnch, specializing in crowd simulation, NPC behaviours, and human pose estimation. His projects have gradually gotten more complex as he’s moved from developing AI software capable of understanding many people doing simple tasks to fewer people engaged in more complex tasks to perfect knowledge of individual body language.


On the show, we spoke about:

  • How he started his third company and wanting to make a big impact
  • Their work on seeing and understanding people
  • Some of their amazing work covered in the NY Times
  • How the current environment is accelerating the digitization of the world


It was such a pleasure to speak with Paul. He shared some great wisdom yet was very humble in this conversation. I learned a ton and I hope that you enjoy the conversation!



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